VIP Treatment at Warner Brothers Studios In London

Hi everyone, Sorry i have not been very active on here recently i have been ill but this blog i hope will be exciting. I also have make a vlog from the day at Warner Brothers studio London where we were treated like VIPs. For example, a member of staff treated my brother like a VIP as he was given a personal tour with a lovely member of Staff Jade Starr and was given the VIP experience and saw items that are only brought out for celebrities and are also kept in a safe other than when there are celebrities are visiting the tour. My vlog link    is
It was my brother’s first time and my second time to Harry Potter Studios London and i was with my brother and my dad as well. We had such a great experience going round the studios especially entering the great hall as this is an exciting moment for everyone especially a big fan like my brother is. I loved that when we visited that it was decorated with Christmas decorations and it was decorated with snow on the Hogwarts buildings. I would love to thank the staff at Warner Brothers studio in London especially Jade Starr,Angelique,Mason,Jack M,Sophie. They gave us such a great experience that we will never forget  especially my brother who is a mega fan of Harry Potter. He had his first taste of the Famous Butterbeer and he absolutely loved the taste of Butterbeer which i would definitely recommend trying butterbeer and definitely going to visit the Warner Brothers Studio in London as it is an absolutely amazing experience. i would definitely recommend experiencing the magic you experience at Warner Brothers studio,London.
I hope you enjoy the photos i took while i was at Warner Brothers Studio in London. My vlog is which goes with this blog post














Day Out at Standen House and Gardens with the Family

Hi, My day at Standen House and Gardens which is owned by the National Trust it was absolutely amazing and I really enjoyed it. There was so many interesting things to see and it was so enjoyable and was such a great day spent with my parents, my brother and my grandparents. Also with my cousin that I have not seen since I was about four years old and was so great to get to know her and to have a catch up as we have a lot in common. Everyone from my family really enjoyed visiting Standen House and Gardens. I loved the William Morris exhibition they have on at the moment as I am a massive fan of his art work.

Standen House and Garden is such an amazing place and is so beautiful. There was so many photo opportunities as you can see below and also I took some great photos to look back on to remember the day. These are a few of the photos I took as I tried my new camera out which I absolutely love. I absolutely love photographing flowers and there were some beautiful flowers there as you can see. Also a bit of a funny story, My cousin , brother and I went to see the gardens as I can not remember ever seeing them and also I wanted to take some photos of them so I did and also oh my gosh I saw real pumpkins growing they were massive never seen any pumpkins that are that massive. But i just went off topic lol and so the three of us went into gardens and then we were talking so we carried on walking through a wood and at one point we thought we were lost and my mum phoned to see where we were and we were like in the woods. haha and then luckily a couple of walkers came past and luckily they could give us directions as they were local and knew the woods so we took their directions. But honestly i would definitely recommend visiting Standen House if you get the opportunity to go.

Thank you so much for reading my blog it honestly means so much to me and hope you enjoyed it and if you have not already seen there is also a vlog to go with this about Standen house which is some videos and has some different contents to this. My vlog post is and if you have any enquires for me then my email for enquiries is

Thank you so much for reading

Hope you enjoyed






My Weekend at Airbourne 2016

Day at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London

Hi readers of my blog,

It was honestly an amazing experience. I honestly did not think i would enjoy it as much as i did as i am not really a harry potter fan and only watched one of the Harry Potter films as both my brothers are massive Harry Potter fans. It was definitely worth the two hour journey it took to get there in a minibus with a group of 11 people which included one of my best friends which i was hanging out with through the whole tour.

It was a hilarious journey as we were listening to some absolute tunes . Everyone on the minibus was so excited to be going to the Harry Potter Studios. When we pulled up to the Warner Brothers Studio it hit us that we were really there and everyone got super excited which was so exciting.

When we got there we all took lots of photos of the statues outside the studio building and also of the outside of the building to treasure the memories which i have to say i took lots of photos so i could remember the amazing day i had with one of my  best friends. The first thing when we queued in a small queue luckily ( well it was much smaller queue than the one to actually get into the the first bit of the tour room) we had our bags checked for security reasons and had a body search to make sure you do not have anything you should not have with you which makes sense for everyone’s security.

The first thing we did to start the tour was that you go into a dark room which on the walls has screens which changes with different posters from around the world . You then have a narrator talking and making it interactive by asking questions to the audience which was great. Also they give you a bit of background information and really cool facts. You also hear interviews of the important people who were involved in the producing of the films which i found so interesting.

Then the funniest thing happened, i was standing with my boy best friend (a lot of people make the mistake of thinking we are a couple we are not but i find it funny when people do ) we went from the dark room to the room with a screen in which i will call the cinema room as it looked like a cinema. We walked into the cinema room and we were the first people to go into the cinema room and to sit down and all of a sudden i hear from one of the guides say ” perfectly demonstrated by that lovely couple who are the first to sit down” which they were aiming at me and my boy best friend  which was hilarious but embarrassing too but i know it was aimed at us as we were the only ones sitting down.

So then when everyone was sat down the guides welcomed to the Harry Potter studios and made everyone so welcome and then a video started up on the cinema screen and that had interviews on ( i do not want to give too much away) and then it finished. The cinema screen came up and the audience were greeted by the guide and were taken over to this massive door which little did i know led to the great hall which was absolutely amazing ( Sorry for the spoiler for anyone who has not been to the studios already) . I took the amazing opportunity to take lots of photographs so that i could have them to remember and lots of selfies of me and one of my best friends.  i took so many photos on the tour.

So we walked round the studio tour and there is a interactive wand experience where you have to copy the gestures which i was absolutely rubbish at and probably looked ridiculous but luckily i did not know anyone there and the group we went with were in front of us on the tour and obviously my best friend was also doing the interactive wand experience actually they are the one that convinced me to do it and would not shut up about it so i did it for a quiet rest of the day hehe. But he was really good at it the interactive wand activity. Also to make it worse luckily they were strangers but they was a crowd watching which was super embarrassing.

The best thing i think about the tour was my first experience of trying butterbeer that when my cousins from America went about four years ago have been raving about and saying how good it was and they are massive Harry Potter fans too and they said that it was an amazing experience. The butterbeer tasted so amazing i absolutely loved it it is definitely worth trying if you visit the Warner Bros . Studios London and i brought it in a souvenir stein so that i could remember it and the great experience it was that i had. I am so happy that i had the amazing opportunity to experience butterbeer.

I would definitely recommend even if you are not a harry potter fan that you visit the studios as it is a brilliant experience as i from personal experience can tell you that i want to read the Harry Potter books after going to the studios and also want to watch the films so i definitely think i am going to. This is not at all sponsored and is 100% my opinion and review of it but i will leave the link to the Warner Bros studio tour below so that you can check out the website. It is such a great experience and i definitely think i will come and see it again . It has so many amazing photo opportunities to enjoy and is encouraged. Also thank you so much for reading. Let me know what you think of this slightly different blog type to my usual blog and also comment below if you have been and your personal opinions and also feel free to share to share this blog with friends and family and comment your opinions of me vlogging as would be really interested to see what people think of that. Thank you again for reading this different blog and the link to the website for Warner Bros Studio tour is Also there might be another blog post going up this weekend too and hope you have a great weekend

R x