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So this is a blog post where i was asked by a brand called to give an honest review of Sleeves that you can wear underneath a sleeveless dress or with a vest or a T-Shirt.

My first reaction to the 3/4 Black Lace sleeves are that they are absolutely gorgeous and i love them so much and to me i love having a sleeve on my dress or my outfit because i do not like looking like my arms and prefer to cover them. They are so easy to use but they are so gorgeous and i feel that they look gorgeous with my black and white dress that i wear all the time as those of you that know me will know and for those of you that watch my vlogs. My youtube channel is I would definitely recommend if you are like me and like to have sleeves with dresses then these are definitely a MUST HAVE.You can get the sleeves from the website which are avaliable in different lengths of sleeves and also in a variety of colours which are super affordable.

The sleeves i am modelling in these photographs are the ( Not that i am a model and have no previous modelling experience). So disclaimer is that i am not a model an that these photos were taken on my mobile phone but i wanted to show you my audience what the sleeves looked like on.

Hope you enjoyed this honest review
R x



Hi guys,

I was approached by a company who thought you my audience would be interesting in taking part in an interesting quiz. I have taken the part in this quiz and it is so fun to take part in and you can see me take part in the quiz in my vlog which i do every Wednesday and Sunday. Also guys if you are on facebook and want to be kept up to date with my blogs and vlog post and want to be part of my group just ask to be added to it  but back to the this post i thought it would such a fun quiz when they emailed me via my blogging email and i thought you my audience would really be interested as it is a great quiz and i loved taking part in the quiz. Let me know in the comments below what your results was as i would be very interested to see what you all got. The company who approached me was i was not paid from the company but they approached me and i thought that you my audience would be interested to take part in the quiz and might want to check out their website which is

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