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So this is a blog post where i was asked by a brand called to give an honest review of Sleeves that you can wear underneath a sleeveless dress or with a vest or a T-Shirt.

My first reaction to the 3/4 Black Lace sleeves are that they are absolutely gorgeous and i love them so much and to me i love having a sleeve on my dress or my outfit because i do not like looking like my arms and prefer to cover them. They are so easy to use but they are so gorgeous and i feel that they look gorgeous with my black and white dress that i wear all the time as those of you that know me will know and for those of you that watch my vlogs. My youtube channel is I would definitely recommend if you are like me and like to have sleeves with dresses then these are definitely a MUST HAVE.You can get the sleeves from the website which are avaliable in different lengths of sleeves and also in a variety of colours which are super affordable.

The sleeves i am modelling in these photographs are the ( Not that i am a model and have no previous modelling experience). So disclaimer is that i am not a model an that these photos were taken on my mobile phone but i wanted to show you my audience what the sleeves looked like on.

Hope you enjoyed this honest review
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Trying New Products Out


I apologize for not uploading  this blog earlier but there was an technical issue which meant it was unable to be uploaded. 

I decided i would try some new products that i had never tried before and thought i would review them in this blog for you my audience. 

The first product i decided that i would try is the Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil which i brought on a beauty counter in my local Tesco. The smell of this product is Coconut and I absolutely love the scent of this lip oil and it is such a delightful scent. The scent makes me think of a tropical beach which is lovely and hot. It is also a clear lip oil so it does not look like you are wearing anything on your lips. It is also perfect for putting as a base before putting lipstick and makes it feel better on your lips. The product is great quality and is perfect for putting in your makeup bag or handbag and is the perfect size for it. It is very nourishing on your lips too. 

The next new product i wanted to try was one that a lot of people are buzzing about online and i wanted to see what the buzz was about and the product i am reviewing is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Matte Lip in the shade Martha Moo. I absolutely love the colour Martha Moo . I saw someone wearing this shade of Lip Matte and I fell in love with the shade of it so i ordered it online  and I am so glad i did it definitely a Lip Matte I am going to use a lot more frequently as it is a natural shade. The consistency of this product is fantastic and i do not think that i would need to put another coat of this lip matte as it looks a lot better and you can use another coat of this lip matte but i do not think it is necessary.

 The next product I tried out was Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Waterproof Mascara . I love the way it makes my eyelashes look like they have more volume and I will definitely use this mascara when I wear my makeup as i love that it makes my eyelashes look fuller and longer and more visible looking. I absolutely love this product and will definitely be recommending to family and friends. 

Another product I tried was the Makeup Gallery  Brown 4 Kohl Me Beautiful Soft Kohl Eyeliner. I know it is an Eyeliner but it would work as well as an Eyebrow pencil and helps to fill in Eyebrows and makes them look amazing on your Eyebrows and looks great and this would be a great Eyebrow product. 

​The next product that I tried was the Barry M Berry Good Lip Oil. It is a very lovely colour of natural pink in the packaging but you cannot tell you have it on your lips and the berry smell is so good. I will definitely be buying this product again as the quality of this Lip Oil is great and so natural . Also the Lip Brush moves angles for easier application.

Next product is the Cien Lipgloss in the shade 39 Fairytale. It is such a natural shade but I am not sure it is my shade unfortunately.But it is a lovely colour just i do not think it suits me and my skin shade. 

 Next new product is The Liz Earle Light Reflecting Concealer is absolutely amazing and I am a massive fan of this product. As it does a great job of helping to hide the appearance of spots and also dark circles under my eyes and helps to hide the imperfections on my face. It makes me feel a lot better. 

Next new product I am trying is the Model Co Lip Lacquer in shade Morocco . I love the gloss effect of this Lip Lacquer and this gorgeous shade. I love this so much it looks like a natural shade and will be perfect for a everyday shade of lipgloss.

The second to last product that I am going to try is the Cien Lipgloss in the Shade Melon Kiss. This Lipgloss is a very subtle shade which is lovely and has a great shimmer to it and it is great on lips while also making a great lip colour for a natural looking makeup.

The final product to test is the No7 Skin Illuminator in the shade Pink. I love the brush with it as it helps with the application and makes it easier to apply while giving the skin a natural finish to the look you are going for and also When i tried the product I had foundation on and it went straight on top of my foundation and it looked great with it on and I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance this product gave to my face and would definitely recommend this product. 

Thank you so much for reading this blog hope you enjoyed it and I apologise again for there not being a blog Two weeks ago unfortunately could not be helped. The next blog should be uploaded on the 20th August. Let me know if you want different blog types for example Lifestyle, Days out etc and also let me know what you think of these blogs and whether you think I should start Vlogging and feel free to share this with family and friends who you think will enjoy reading this blog post and also remember to comment on what you think and also feel free to comment any makeup/beauty advice or questions you might have. 

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