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So many of you might not realize this but i have anxiety. It is not something that is normal to talk about but it should be fine to express how you are feeling and should be normal to talk about within society.When i was approached to write this blog sharing my personal experience and to help raise awareness of anxiety. I was thinking of the best way to to help raise awareness for anxiety. The best way I felt was to share my personal experience and techniques i use and have heard others that have anxiety and their techniques.

So i have had anxiety all of my life but it was manageable but i never did what most people my age did and did not have many friends when i was growing up as i did not feel they would understand how i was feeling and felt that i was better off in my own company so i isolated myself going through education. Then when i got to high school i was encouraged to make friends and went to groups to help with my anxiety and to find strategies to help with my anxiety. I would never step out of my comfort zone and due to the anxiety i would stay in my house with my family as i got very anxious about going out and would overthink what might happen and would find myself finding excuses not to go or cancelling on friends due to waking up feeling anxious.

As i got older i feel that my anxiety got worse even though i had a friends. I started really struggling with my anxiety. I never admitted i had anxiety so much so that most of my family did not realize that i struggled with anxiety which was not a good move on my part because they could have supported me with my anxiety and i could of got more help to deal with my anxiety. But if i am honest i did not want anyone to know as i worried that they would worry and think the worse of me and i was ashamed of admitting that i had anxiety and feeling like this. I also did not want to tell my family as they would want me to go to the doctors for help which at the time i was scared to do.

But about two years ago, My anxiety got the worse that it had ever gotten and my family started to worry about me and knew something was up since i had received some awful news that a good friend of mine who was my age had died suddenly and this impacted in my attendance at college and also i started isolating myself which included not wanting to leave the house and if i was able to leave the house i started to panic and started having panic attacks wherever i was whether i was out or at college. At this point i felt i needed to talk to my family and explain and with encouragement from my parents i went to the doctors and i feel this really helped me because the doctor was very helpful and recommended different services that could help with my anxiety for example counselling which i did not feel helped me it made me feel worse but it was counselling provided by my college and also my doctor gave me some techniques and i go to my doctor more when i need to due to my anxiety which still happens now.

My top tip would be not to be embarrassed to go to the doctor as they are used to dealing with patients with anxiety and they can help you. 

Anxiety is when you feel worried, nervous and is perfectly normal to feel anxious occasionally everyone feels anxious sometimes. Also fact that when i was researching about anxiety is that i found out that women are twice as likely that men to be diagnosed with anxiety disorder and recent research has found that commonly affects the most the under 35’s.

Symptoms of Anxiety can be:
– Poor Concentration
– Headaches
– Tension
– Dread
– Fear of Losing Control
-Feeling Nausea
– Sweating
– Dry Mouth
These are just a few that i found.

Link that helped to find the symptoms that can be experienced is

TOP 5 #livelifeready Tips 

Top Tip Number 1 – Take a mindful moment – for example try and do some yoga or meditate. 

Top Tip Number 2 – Know what your triggers are such as hearing a specific song or going to a certain place. 

Top Tip Number 3 – Take slow and deep breathes if you are feeling anxious. 

Top Tip Number 4 – Take some time to talk to someone that you feel that you can trust and are confident talking to for example your parents, a friend or a family member or anyone that you feel confident talking to and remember it is OK to talk about it. 

Final Tip is that you should try to write down ANY worries you have as this can help as you are offloading your worries and thoughts which can help and this would help if you do not feel you have anyone to talk to about your anxiety. 

The tips above are for if you are having feelings of mild anxiety but for serious anxiety symptoms or if you have the anxiety for more than two weeks i highly recommend talking to your GP for further guidance as they will be able to offer support and suggest strategies and suggest services that will help.

You can find more advice and article if you use the hashtag #livelifeready. 

I was approached by and 

 There is Kalms Lavender One- A- Day Capsules which are a traditional herbal medicinal that are a temporary relief of the symptoms of mild anxiety. For example Stress and Nervousness and these can be brought from Boots, Asda and online at for £6.49 and this is a two weeks supply. 

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this blog as it is something so close to my heart as i have anxiety and i hope this blog helps you. This blog was really hard for me to write especially my personal experience.

Rachel x


VIP Treatment at Warner Brothers Studios In London

Hi everyone, Sorry i have not been very active on here recently i have been ill but this blog i hope will be exciting. I also have make a vlog from the day at Warner Brothers studio London where we were treated like VIPs. For example, a member of staff treated my brother like a VIP as he was given a personal tour with a lovely member of Staff Jade Starr and was given the VIP experience and saw items that are only brought out for celebrities and are also kept in a safe other than when there are celebrities are visiting the tour. My vlog link    is
It was my brother’s first time and my second time to Harry Potter Studios London and i was with my brother and my dad as well. We had such a great experience going round the studios especially entering the great hall as this is an exciting moment for everyone especially a big fan like my brother is. I loved that when we visited that it was decorated with Christmas decorations and it was decorated with snow on the Hogwarts buildings. I would love to thank the staff at Warner Brothers studio in London especially Jade Starr,Angelique,Mason,Jack M,Sophie. They gave us such a great experience that we will never forget  especially my brother who is a mega fan of Harry Potter. He had his first taste of the Famous Butterbeer and he absolutely loved the taste of Butterbeer which i would definitely recommend trying butterbeer and definitely going to visit the Warner Brothers Studio in London as it is an absolutely amazing experience. i would definitely recommend experiencing the magic you experience at Warner Brothers studio,London.
I hope you enjoy the photos i took while i was at Warner Brothers Studio in London. My vlog is which goes with this blog post














Hi Guys,

I am so sorry that i have not been able to upload blogs for a while but Happy New year everyone and this post is finally up and i have also got an vlog upload so that you can see when i opened the box and is an unboxing video. I absolutely loved my secret Santa gift from a fellow blogger and i am going to leave a link underneath this post.

So i absolutely loved the box which you can see in the photo and it had some cute designs on the box which i absolutely loved. I could not wait to open it i filmed the video and took the photos when i received it as i love surprizes but i could not wait to open the cute box. My secret Santa was a blogger called Just Creative Julia . Her Twitter username is @J_CreativeJulia and her blog is be sure to check out her blog as it is such a lovely blog and there is also a vlog to go with this.

I absolutely loved the way it was wrapped it was beautifully wrapped by Julia i am so rubbish at wrapping presents so i am quite jealous about her present wrapping skills and also she put so much thought into how it was wrapped you could tell from opening it and i love that it was wrapped round in a string and had a homemade label with a beautiful leaf on it. Julia had a christmas card inside the box to introduce herself which included her social links and the letter was such a lovely touch as it was so well written and lovely. As part of the secret santa we had to make a homemade gift and for my secret santa gift to someone i made a card with keep calm and carry on blogging and Julia’s homemade gift to me was a gorgeous mug with hand drawn drawing on which are adorable and i use the cup daily as it is such a gorgeous cup and funnily enough i am having a drink from it as i am writing this blog post. I especially love the quote on the mug as it is such an INSPIRATION quote. I absolutely loved the presents that i got in the secret santa as i have always wanted lipsmackers and i have been using them so much especially as it is winter to keep my lips hydrated and one was a cherry coca cola which smelt amazing and like the real thing and the other was a feast which is a lovely ice cream and also i got a gorgeous lipgloss in a lovely red shade which is gorgeous.

I am so thankful for my secret santa gift as they were right up my street and they were gorgeous.

My vlog is

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and be sure to check out my social medias and also Julias that is at the top of this blog post and also check out the vlog post that goes with this.








Hi All, This is from last year as in 2016 . I actually ended up seeing Adam&Eve and steve as you will see later on my blog

Hope you enjoy this interview with Dale Adams.

Rachel(Me): Hi Dale, The first question is  what inspired you to become an actor?

Dale : My first show. I was cast when I was 9 in a Christmas production of the wizard of oz. I hasn’t been on stage before then, but it came so naturally to me. That’s when I knew I belonged on the stage. It’s funny, I’ve just recently finished playing opposite one of the principle characters in that production as a professional myself.

Rachel: Oh that sounds brilliant so would you say you have a natural talent for acting

Dale: Saying I was naturally talented would make me sound egotistical. I would say everyone is born in life with something that they have a talent for, some people find it and some people don’t. I had to train very hard to get where I am today

Rachel: Yeah you do have to do some training to perfect your talent and to prepare you for the job of being an actor such auditions. What would be your top tip going into an audition ?

Dale: When you step into that room, act like you already have the job and are showing them what you’ve been working on for the show (hypothetically of course). It strips back all the stigmas attached to auditioning and puts you as an actor in the right frame of mind. I have a lot of friends who are on the other side of the audition room and they say that they hire people who are ready to work and give something unique and special to a part. ALSO NEVER FORGET you are auditioning the panel just as much as they are auditioning you. You need to know if you can work with them as well.

Rachel: That’s great advice

The next question is If you could do you dream role what would it be and why?
Dale: The Phantom! In the Phantom of the Opera. It’s been a dream role since I was a teenager. I love the show and everything about it. I’d love to be the Phantom as he’s such an iconic part and I’d love to bring a new and fresh spin to him. Without going into too much detail, we as an audience forget that he is a psychopath because we feel sorry for him. I’d like to find a light and shade in his pain and bring a further chilling element to the “Opera Ghost”
Rachel: Oh that sounds like such a great spin on the phantom
That leads quite nicely onto the next question which is what is your favorites musical ?
Dale: My favourite? Ahhh that’s such a hard question. The Wizard of Oz will always have a place in my heart, because it was my first show. I went to go and see it three times when it was in the West End a couple of years ago. Since I finished playing Anthony in Sweeney Todd I’ve really been getting knee deep in Sondheim musicals. I really love the score to “Sunday in the Park with George”.
Rachel: Aww I have to say I do remember singing in the choir we were in together singing Sunday from Sunday in the park with George
Dale: Such a beautiful finale, brings a tear to my eye!
Rachel: Aww did someone first inspire you to become actor if so who and why did they inspire you to be an actor ?
Dale :I did a summer stage experience of We Will Rock You when I was 15. I played the lead and the director could see my interest in persuing acting as a career. He told me about Arts Educational Schools, London where he trained and where, three years on, I trained. I owe a lot to him as he taught me how to believe in myself
Rachel: Aww that’s such a lovely story. This question I would be so interested to hear your response to and the question is if you could perform on stage with one person it can be anyone who would it be and why?
Dale :Neil Patrick Harris!! He’s my idol. He’s achieved so much in his career and I would die a happy man if I had a chance to share the stage with such a talented performer.
Rachel: Aww yeah he’s such a great actor I loved him in the show how I met your mother.That’s a great choice
Who have you had the pleasure of working with on stage that you never thought you would work with?
Dale: When I sang alongside Michael Ball on Friday Night is Music Night (BBC Radio 2) I couldn’t quite comprehend what was going on. Michael was always a celebrity in my eyes and having the chance to work with him felt like I was dreaming. Although in recent years I’ve grown rather immune to working with “names”. We’re all actors trying to earn a living. One big happy family.
Rachel:Aww very true and Michael ball sounds so lovely.
Next question is Do you have any performances coming up and if you do what are they for?
Dale : A couple of things lined up. I’m flying out to Dubai next week to start rehearsals for Peter Pan, which runs from December 20th-27th. Then in March 2017 I’ll be making my London debut as Steve in the new musical “Adam & Eve… and Steve?” at the Kings Head Theatre from the 21st.
Rachel : Oh sound so exciting I will definitely have to try to come to the one in London as I saw the reviews and they sounded so good
And Dubai how exciting. Do you enjoy travelling as part of being an actor?
Dale: I do. It’s nice to be paid to see the world, but it’s no different to any other acting job. You just tend to come back with a tan.
Rachel: Aww that’s a benefit then. Where has you travelled to for a role ?
Dale: Bahrains been the only other exotic one. I was a Frankie Valle tribute for 6 months in Mallorca, but I don’t class the Spanish isles as exotic. Warmer than the UK however.
Rachel: Oh that’s good then that sounds so great and it’s lovely to travel
I was wondering how you manage your vlogging and your acting? Do you have to compromise?
Dale: Well I only vlog once a week, which isn’t too much trouble to set time aside for. There was once a time when I was a couple of weeks ahead of myself, just incase I got busy. I have been very busy recently and haven’t managed to get back on top of them yet.
Rachel: I know the feeling very well as I am doing vlogmas and I am blogger as well so yeah.But that’s good that you can do both
Talking about vlogging from your perspective what would one piece of advice be for anyone that wants to start vlogging ?
Dale: Don’t be afraid of the camera, just be yourself and share as much as you can. Most importantly… have fun. It’s not about subscribers and likes, it’s about enjoying yourself. That’s what people want to see in a Youtuber.
Rachel: Yeah that’s definitely a great piece of advice for wanting to be a vlogger.
And the final question is what is your YouTube channel so that anyone who would like to watch your vlogs that you do once a week can do and can also subscribe
Rachel:Thank you so much for giving up your time to be interviewed and it’s been an absolute pleasure to interview you and hope Peter Pan in Dubai goes well.
Dale:Thanks babe and be sure to check out my video tonight at 6(Thursday)
Rachel:I will definitely watch your video tonight which is Thursday
I absolutely loved interviewing Dale as he is a really good friend of mine and he is also a vlogger too. Dale was so great to interview and gave great advice. Hope you enjoy this interview and be sure to subscribe to him on Youtube at (Dale AdamsTM) and if you are feeling nice also subscribe to me too on youtube
Thank you so much Dale for the fantastic interview and good luck with future productions. x


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I was approached by a company who thought you my audience would be interesting in taking part in an interesting quiz. I have taken the part in this quiz and it is so fun to take part in and you can see me take part in the quiz in my vlog which i do every Wednesday and Sunday. Also guys if you are on facebook and want to be kept up to date with my blogs and vlog post and want to be part of my group just ask to be added to it  but back to the this post i thought it would such a fun quiz when they emailed me via my blogging email and i thought you my audience would really be interested as it is a great quiz and i loved taking part in the quiz. Let me know in the comments below what your results was as i would be very interested to see what you all got. The company who approached me was i was not paid from the company but they approached me and i thought that you my audience would be interested to take part in the quiz and might want to check out their website which is

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Hi , I  thought i would try for the blog the argan oil products so i thought i would try using the argan oil Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Hair Treatment.

I firstly used the Argan oil Shampoo when i first got in the shower after using my usual L’Oreal Elvive Pre Shampoo mask and the scent of the Argan Oil shampoo is a lovely scent of the shampoo and the shampoo felt amazing in my hair after i washed the shampoo out  of my hair.

Then i had to get out of the shower and i towel dried my hair to use the argan oil hair mask that hydrates your hair and you have to leave the hair mask on your hair for up to 10 minutes after putting it on your hair especially onto your roots so i set a timer on my phone for 10 minutes and then i got back into the shower to wash the hair mask out of my hair and then i added the Argan oil conditioner and oh my goodness it was such an amazing feeling it left on my hair. It felt so healthy and smooth. Then i towel dried the hair to put in the Hair Treatment that i always use the hair treatment as part of my everyday hair routine.

My review of these argan oil products is that they are affordable. I think they were about £1 a product and i would definitely recommend these products to all my family and friends as these products leave your hair feeling amazing and healthy and smooth and also hydrated.

Thank you so much for reading this blog and hope you enjoyed it

R x


blog 2


After using the Argan Oil Products 




I love Autumn. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. My other favourite season is Summer due to nice warm weather. I wanted to do a blog post about my favourite things about Autumn,

First thing i love about Autumn is the colours of the leaves changing for example them changing to orange or yellow i love that. Another thing i absolutely love about Autumn is being able to be cosy with a candle lit and being under the blanket with lovely warm clothes on. Also another favourite of Autumn is my Blingy red slippers i got from America last year when i went with the family as my aunt had a pair and myself & My Mum both got a pair of blingy slippers. I got a pair of red blingy slippers and my mum got a pair a pink ones. I love my red blingy slippers as they look like the shoes Dorothy wore in The wizard of Oz and also love having a Hot chocolate in the evening in a cute mug with occasionally  mini marshmallows.

Another of my favourite things to do in the Autumn is to take photos of the different colour leaves on the trees and also the leaves which have fallen to the ground and i love the sound of them rustling underneath as you walk on them and also the once was path is suddenly a trail of different colour leaves i love it. I also love seeing blackberries as they are one of my favourite fruits to eat and love going with friends to pick them off of the bush. I also love seeing conkers and their shells and also acorns and squirrels with acorns.

I also love Autumn and had my first ever experience when with my family on a day out seeing pumpkins growing ready for Halloween and also pumpkin soup. Not that i have ever tried pumpkin soup but i am sure i will one day try pumpkin soup.

Anyways i hope you enjoy this blog and let me know what you enjoy about Autumn and when your favourite season is. I would love to know this. Thank you so much for reading and suppporting me. Feel free to share this blog with your family and friends if you would like to. I am also a vlogger not a daily vlogger though . My youtube channel is if you are interested in checking that out. Check out my photos of  Autumn so far and hope you have a great week xx

R x