Hi So i thought as a blogger that i would review my experience from when i was at the Collabro Home Tour 2017 concert when it was local to me and my younger brother was in the choir who were with The Theatre Workshop. These are ALL MY OWN OPINIONS which have not been influenced by anyone related to Collabro or any of the artists i have mentioned below.

So Firstly i had heard such great things about Collabro from Family and Friends and Also i went to support my brother who was in the choir supporting Collabro. He is part of The Theatre Workshop and they are often asked to support artists and bands and also with help provide young performers for their talent in touring West End shows when they are touring locally, productions often ask The Theatre workshop to provide their young talents to perform in the local tour dates of the production. This is a great experience to be seen as a young performer especially those looking to go into Musical Theatre and is a great networking opportunity for the young performers and only a select few Theatre Workshop students who meet the brief given by the production to ensure that they fit in with the production and do not look or sound out of place. The students who performed as part of the choir were highly talented and harmonised well and it brought another elements to the songs they performed with Collabro for.

So as my parents and i arrived at the theatre we went to pick up our tickets and there was bag checks on the door which is understandable. We then sat down in our seats and there was a few problems with the seats so we were moved by the kind staff at the theatre.

So the Warm Up act/Support act was called Philippa Hanna ( and i was not expecting much as she was the warm up act but honestly she is the best warm up/ support act i have ever seen and i have seen a lot of concerts and seen a lot of support acts but honestly was not expecting Philippa to be as good as she was and i always try and spread positivity and motivate and her song ‘ i am amazing’ really spoke to me and she told us a story and gave a motivational talk. She had so much stage presence and really spoke to the audience.

Philippa is a British singer and songwriter and we had the privilege of hearing some of her original songs and I am amazing made me very motivated and emotional and it is an amazing song.i feel bad for those of the audience who missed hearing her sing but unfortunately if many people know there is going to be a warm up act they deliberately avoid them and come for the main act which is not always a good thing especially when they are as good as Philippa Hanna and she is so down to earth as in the interval i went out and she was their selling her albums and meeting fans and i managed to get a selfie with her and i explained that i found her story very motivating and said a massive thank you to her.

Some of Philippa’s advice was that not to give up on our dreams and she told us about how she was rejected by music labels or stuff happened last minutes which meant she kept losing out so she explained that she was a independent artist. In my opinion, i would go and see Philippa Hanna in her own concert if it came locally as her voice is amazing and fantastic and she is so down to earth. I would definitely recommend listening to her songs as they are fabulous. Because it was remembrance day ( 11th November) She sang a song that she had never sang before and the song was called “Million Flowers” which was such a lovely song and she explained the story behind the song and it was very moving and i actually felt very close to this song as i lost a good friend a few years ago due to a serious illness that she had her whole life and it make me connect with this song a lot and make me feel emotional and really hit me in the heart and the song really spoke to me and there are not many songs that get me emotional or speak to me the way this one did and i would say it spoke to me in a negative way.

Now about the Main act which was the reason for the concert and this part is about Collabro. before i properly start i loved all of their outfit changes and how they looked and also the use of projections onto the backdrop behind them which included some fantastic animations and images. They had animations of words that they were singing in the songs while they were singing them and also had animations of the four members of Collabro. The used the different colour lighting to help make the desired atmosphere. Enough about the lighting and use of backdrops.

So Collabro sang a variety of different songs to show their journey and also they performed some of their favourites songs. They performed songs from Wicked the Musical, The Phantom of the Opera and the amazing Jersey boys medley which has the majority of the audience up on their feet and dancing including myself well it was a fantastic Saturday night.

I thoroughly enjoyed their version of Jersey Boys medley and think it has got to be one of the best i have seen performed and they got into character and went off of stage and changed into the jersey boys trademark of the red suit jackets.They had even used similar choregraphy that the Jersey Boys would of used and are used in the Jersey boys shows and by the Jersey boys tribute bands as i have a friend who has been and is in some of the Jersey Boys tributes around the UK and soon internationally. All of the songs they sang meant something to the four of them. The finale was the Jersey Boys Medley and they got a standing ovition from the whole audience and i can imagine it was a great sight for them to see.One of the songs they sang ( i cannot remember the name of the song) Made me very emotional which does not happen that often and i even had tears in my eyes and that ran down my face.

Collabro definitely did not disappoint me after having been told how great they were and i would defintely recommend going to their tour if they are coming close to where you live.I would be more than happy to go on another date our their Home Tour and listen to their albums. I am so impressed by it and i will definitely be recommending to family and friends and my audience to go and see them if you get the opportunity and i have made a review video which should be going up at the same time as this and it includes a few clips from the show.

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I felt that i would share my recent youtube video with you my blog readers because i feel that it is a very powerful message and i also feel that it is a good idea to be a true version of you and not what society want you to be or how you feel you would fit in being like someone else. you are your own person and you should always remember to be a confident version of yourself and be true to yourself. Hope you enjoy


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So this is a blog post where i was asked by a brand called to give an honest review of Sleeves that you can wear underneath a sleeveless dress or with a vest or a T-Shirt.

My first reaction to the 3/4 Black Lace sleeves are that they are absolutely gorgeous and i love them so much and to me i love having a sleeve on my dress or my outfit because i do not like looking like my arms and prefer to cover them. They are so easy to use but they are so gorgeous and i feel that they look gorgeous with my black and white dress that i wear all the time as those of you that know me will know and for those of you that watch my vlogs. My youtube channel is I would definitely recommend if you are like me and like to have sleeves with dresses then these are definitely a MUST HAVE.You can get the sleeves from the website which are avaliable in different lengths of sleeves and also in a variety of colours which are super affordable.

The sleeves i am modelling in these photographs are the ( Not that i am a model and have no previous modelling experience). So disclaimer is that i am not a model an that these photos were taken on my mobile phone but i wanted to show you my audience what the sleeves looked like on.

Hope you enjoyed this honest review
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Hi Guys,

Today i am going to be reviewing some purepotions products that they kindly sent me to review so here i am going to review them for you my audience. Their website is and First of all before reviewing their products i wanted to say two of these products are vegan friendly products and also are cruelty free products and are also make the UK which is lovely to know because i love buying local products from the UK.
Firstly i wanted to say how lovely the packaging was it look as if it was gift wrapped which i felt was such a lovely touch and i  absolutely loved the way it was wrapped and i received such a lovely note from Pure Potions.

First product i am going to review is The Daily Moisturising cream and it was so easy to apply i applied to my face first as i always put moisturiser on to my face especially before applying my makeup and the scent of the moisture cream was a lovely natural scent. I found that the moisture is vegan friendly which is great for those of my audience who are vegan as it means they can use this product. The actual cream is a so easy to apply as you only need a pea size on your hand to apply to your face and it does not feel as if you have any on your face which is lovely and would make an amazing primer for your makeup if you ran out of primer this would be a great alternative especially if you are a vegan and also it is suitable for those with eczema, dry itchy skin and dermatitis and psoriasis as are all the products i have reviewing for PurePotions. They only use natural products when making these skincare products so this is perfect if you love using natural skincare products then these products are perfect for you.

 The second product i am going to review is the 100% Scalp Oil which i tried last night as it is recommended that you use it at night. It was such an easy product to apply to my scalp and i put a towel on my pillow before i went to sleep as recommended on the bottle and it has left my scalp not feeling itchy and feeling great i would definitely recommend this scalp oil to all my family and friends if they have itchy scalps and even better is that it is 100% natural and is vegan friendly which is hard to find products that are 100% natural. I will definitely ordering more of these products for when i run out and also to support local businesses with the products being made in the UK.

My Third and final product i am reviewing is the intensive moisturising ointment which is also made of 100% natural products which is so great as i love using natural products especially when it comes to skincare products as i use skincare products on a daily basis and this product is suitable for everyone all ages even babies which is good to know and also is suitable for those like me that have sensitive skin and allergies which is so great to find a product that is suitable for those like me with sensitive skin. It is so easy apply and comes with a helpful instructions on how to apply this product which is so helpful i feel. In the leaflet it gives  some helpful tips for looking after dry or sensitive skins which i am definitely going to try and use.

Hope you found this review helpful and i would recommend trying these products as they are all natural and amazing products which are cruelty free products and most of these products are vegan friendly as i know some of you my audience are vegans or vegetarians so i would definitely recommend having a look at their website which is for more information and hope you enjoy reading this blog. I have also done a vlog of me opening these products and talking about them on my youtube channel which is and if you enjoy my videos on there be sure to subscribe and comment down below.

Hope you have a fantastic week

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Hi Everyone ,

So many of you might not realize this but i have anxiety. It is not something that is normal to talk about but it should be fine to express how you are feeling and should be normal to talk about within society.When i was approached to write this blog sharing my personal experience and to help raise awareness of anxiety. I was thinking of the best way to to help raise awareness for anxiety. The best way I felt was to share my personal experience and techniques i use and have heard others that have anxiety and their techniques.

So i have had anxiety all of my life but it was manageable but i never did what most people my age did and did not have many friends when i was growing up as i did not feel they would understand how i was feeling and felt that i was better off in my own company so i isolated myself going through education. Then when i got to high school i was encouraged to make friends and went to groups to help with my anxiety and to find strategies to help with my anxiety. I would never step out of my comfort zone and due to the anxiety i would stay in my house with my family as i got very anxious about going out and would overthink what might happen and would find myself finding excuses not to go or cancelling on friends due to waking up feeling anxious.

As i got older i feel that my anxiety got worse even though i had a friends. I started really struggling with my anxiety. I never admitted i had anxiety so much so that most of my family did not realize that i struggled with anxiety which was not a good move on my part because they could have supported me with my anxiety and i could of got more help to deal with my anxiety. But if i am honest i did not want anyone to know as i worried that they would worry and think the worse of me and i was ashamed of admitting that i had anxiety and feeling like this. I also did not want to tell my family as they would want me to go to the doctors for help which at the time i was scared to do.

But about two years ago, My anxiety got the worse that it had ever gotten and my family started to worry about me and knew something was up since i had received some awful news that a good friend of mine who was my age had died suddenly and this impacted in my attendance at college and also i started isolating myself which included not wanting to leave the house and if i was able to leave the house i started to panic and started having panic attacks wherever i was whether i was out or at college. At this point i felt i needed to talk to my family and explain and with encouragement from my parents i went to the doctors and i feel this really helped me because the doctor was very helpful and recommended different services that could help with my anxiety for example counselling which i did not feel helped me it made me feel worse but it was counselling provided by my college and also my doctor gave me some techniques and i go to my doctor more when i need to due to my anxiety which still happens now.

My top tip would be not to be embarrassed to go to the doctor as they are used to dealing with patients with anxiety and they can help you. 

Anxiety is when you feel worried, nervous and is perfectly normal to feel anxious occasionally everyone feels anxious sometimes. Also fact that when i was researching about anxiety is that i found out that women are twice as likely that men to be diagnosed with anxiety disorder and recent research has found that commonly affects the most the under 35’s.

Symptoms of Anxiety can be:
– Poor Concentration
– Headaches
– Tension
– Dread
– Fear of Losing Control
-Feeling Nausea
– Sweating
– Dry Mouth
These are just a few that i found.

Link that helped to find the symptoms that can be experienced is

TOP 5 #livelifeready Tips 

Top Tip Number 1 – Take a mindful moment – for example try and do some yoga or meditate. 

Top Tip Number 2 – Know what your triggers are such as hearing a specific song or going to a certain place. 

Top Tip Number 3 – Take slow and deep breathes if you are feeling anxious. 

Top Tip Number 4 – Take some time to talk to someone that you feel that you can trust and are confident talking to for example your parents, a friend or a family member or anyone that you feel confident talking to and remember it is OK to talk about it. 

Final Tip is that you should try to write down ANY worries you have as this can help as you are offloading your worries and thoughts which can help and this would help if you do not feel you have anyone to talk to about your anxiety. 

The tips above are for if you are having feelings of mild anxiety but for serious anxiety symptoms or if you have the anxiety for more than two weeks i highly recommend talking to your GP for further guidance as they will be able to offer support and suggest strategies and suggest services that will help.

You can find more advice and article if you use the hashtag #livelifeready. 

I was approached by and 

 There is Kalms Lavender One- A- Day Capsules which are a traditional herbal medicinal that are a temporary relief of the symptoms of mild anxiety. For example Stress and Nervousness and these can be brought from Boots, Asda and online at for £6.49 and this is a two weeks supply. 

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this blog as it is something so close to my heart as i have anxiety and i hope this blog helps you. This blog was really hard for me to write especially my personal experience.

Rachel x