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Today i am going to be reviewing some purepotions products that they kindly sent me to review so here i am going to review them for you my audience. Their website is and First of all before reviewing their products i wanted to say two of these products are vegan friendly products and also are cruelty free products and are also make the UK which is lovely to know because i love buying local products from the UK.
Firstly i wanted to say how lovely the packaging was it look as if it was gift wrapped which i felt was such a lovely touch and i  absolutely loved the way it was wrapped and i received such a lovely note from Pure Potions.

First product i am going to review is The Daily Moisturising cream and it was so easy to apply i applied to my face first as i always put moisturiser on to my face especially before applying my makeup and the scent of the moisture cream was a lovely natural scent. I found that the moisture is vegan friendly which is great for those of my audience who are vegan as it means they can use this product. The actual cream is a so easy to apply as you only need a pea size on your hand to apply to your face and it does not feel as if you have any on your face which is lovely and would make an amazing primer for your makeup if you ran out of primer this would be a great alternative especially if you are a vegan and also it is suitable for those with eczema, dry itchy skin and dermatitis and psoriasis as are all the products i have reviewing for PurePotions. They only use natural products when making these skincare products so this is perfect if you love using natural skincare products then these products are perfect for you.

 The second product i am going to review is the 100% Scalp Oil which i tried last night as it is recommended that you use it at night. It was such an easy product to apply to my scalp and i put a towel on my pillow before i went to sleep as recommended on the bottle and it has left my scalp not feeling itchy and feeling great i would definitely recommend this scalp oil to all my family and friends if they have itchy scalps and even better is that it is 100% natural and is vegan friendly which is hard to find products that are 100% natural. I will definitely ordering more of these products for when i run out and also to support local businesses with the products being made in the UK.

My Third and final product i am reviewing is the intensive moisturising ointment which is also made of 100% natural products which is so great as i love using natural products especially when it comes to skincare products as i use skincare products on a daily basis and this product is suitable for everyone all ages even babies which is good to know and also is suitable for those like me that have sensitive skin and allergies which is so great to find a product that is suitable for those like me with sensitive skin. It is so easy apply and comes with a helpful instructions on how to apply this product which is so helpful i feel. In the leaflet it gives  some helpful tips for looking after dry or sensitive skins which i am definitely going to try and use.

Hope you found this review helpful and i would recommend trying these products as they are all natural and amazing products which are cruelty free products and most of these products are vegan friendly as i know some of you my audience are vegans or vegetarians so i would definitely recommend having a look at their website which is for more information and hope you enjoy reading this blog. I have also done a vlog of me opening these products and talking about them on my youtube channel which is and if you enjoy my videos on there be sure to subscribe and comment down below.

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Hi , I  thought i would try for the blog the argan oil products so i thought i would try using the argan oil Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Hair Treatment.

I firstly used the Argan oil Shampoo when i first got in the shower after using my usual L’Oreal Elvive Pre Shampoo mask and the scent of the Argan Oil shampoo is a lovely scent of the shampoo and the shampoo felt amazing in my hair after i washed the shampoo out  of my hair.

Then i had to get out of the shower and i towel dried my hair to use the argan oil hair mask that hydrates your hair and you have to leave the hair mask on your hair for up to 10 minutes after putting it on your hair especially onto your roots so i set a timer on my phone for 10 minutes and then i got back into the shower to wash the hair mask out of my hair and then i added the Argan oil conditioner and oh my goodness it was such an amazing feeling it left on my hair. It felt so healthy and smooth. Then i towel dried the hair to put in the Hair Treatment that i always use the hair treatment as part of my everyday hair routine.

My review of these argan oil products is that they are affordable. I think they were about £1 a product and i would definitely recommend these products to all my family and friends as these products leave your hair feeling amazing and healthy and smooth and also hydrated.

Thank you so much for reading this blog and hope you enjoyed it

R x


blog 2


After using the Argan Oil Products 

My Hair routine

Trying A Selection of Zoella Products

Today’s blog if you cannot tell by the title is me trying a selection of Zoella Products and  i am so excited to be doing this blog and to be sharing it with you guys. This is not sponsored just to let you guys know. I have got a product or few products from each of Zoella’s three ranges which are Tutti Fruity Range, Classic Range and her latest Range which is the sweet inspirations range. I will leave links at the end of this blog for where you can buy these and more of her products from these three ranges. 

The products i am trying in this blog are: 

-Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy Body lotion ( Classic Range)

– Zoella Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance (Classic Range) 

– Zoella Soak Opera Bath Soak/ Shower Cream ( Classic Range) 

– Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm (Tutti Fruity Range) 

– Zoella Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel ( Tutti Fruity Range)

– Zoella Candy Cream Body Lotion ( Tutti Fruity Range) 

– Zoella Scrubbing me Softly Body Scrub ( Tutti Fruity Range)

– Zoella Cosmetic  Purse ( Tutti Fruity Range) 

– Zoella Double Creme Body Lotion ( From Zoella’s Latest Range, Sweet Inspirations)

Firstly, I absolutely love the packaging of all of the  products i especially love the design of the Tutti Fruity range as it is so colourful and it is just an amazing designs very thoughtful design of all the packaging. 

Now the first product i am going to try is from the Tutti Fruity Range which is the Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub. It smells absolutely amazing and smells so fresh. This product is so great on your skin and feels amazing on your skin. I accidentally apply it to dry skin whereas it is supposed to be used on damp skin.  But my skin feels so soft on my hand now after using this the way it is supposed to be used. 

The Next product i am going to try is the Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm which is a bright pink colour lip balm i am not sure how this is going to look on me but i am going to try it on. I tried the Kissy Missy Lip Balm  i thought it would be too pink for my liking but i love it so much. I think after trying it on my lips that it looks so natural and it is so lovely as it does not feel as though you are wearing it which is so great. 

The next product i am going to try is Zoella Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion. I just want to say before reviewing this item how much i love the packaging on this i love the pink and yellow and juts the design in general. I tried it on the palms of my hands and oh my goodness it made my hands feel so soft and moisturized. I absolutely love the smell of the candy cream softening body lotion. i just cannot describe the smell but it is such a summery scent which is great especially for using in the summer. The smell is perfect for spring/ summer scent. 

Next , this is one i tried when i had a shower as it is a shower product which is the Zoella Soak Opera which i was super excited to try as heard such great things about it and i was not disappointed by this product it has such an amazing scent to it and also definitely a great product and one i would definitely recommend to family and friends. Also i used the Zoella Foam Sweet Foam Cleansing Shower Gel  which is from the Tutti Fruity Range it made my skin feel so fresh and moisturized  and also has a gorgeous scent to it. 

Two products of the Zoella Collection that i cannot try on my skin as one is the Zoella Cosmetic purse which is going to be perfect for makeup and makeup brushes or even using a  purse for coins, notes and receipts and also i absolutely love the design on the cosmetic purse. It is very artistic and was designed incredibly well . I can not wait to use it. Also from the Classic range is the Zoella Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance i just wanted to say that i love the packaging of this product because it is a heart shaped tin which is a perfect size for you handbag and for travelling with. 

The Next product i am going to try out is the Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy body lotion  from the Classic range. The smell is absolutely gorgeous and i am so so happy with this product. My skin feels so soft using this and also moisturized.

The final product is one from Zoella’s latest range which is the Sweet Inspirations range. The product has the most sophisticated packaging and the product is the Zoella Double Creme Body Lotion. I absolutely love the smell of  it as the smell is of macaroons which is a delightful smell. It leaves your skin moisturized and leaves your skin super soft.  


Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoyed this review of Zoellas products. I will link the Superdrug and Feelunique for these and more of Zoellas products. I would definitely recommend you try these products and let me know what you think of it. Hope you enjoy this blog and the next blog post will be uploaded on the 23rd July. Thank you so much for the support. Feel free to leave comments on this and also to share with your friends and family 

 R x