Why I personally think you should shop in charity shops ?

Hi my wonderful readers,

So I have always shopped in charity shops from a young age but I got embarrassed when seen near them due to when I was in high school, the opinion was if you shopped or visited charity shops you were of a lower class and I often questioned myself as to why ? Why do people think that? Surely , giving back to charity is a good think right…. wrong in the mind of my fellow peers when I was at high school .

I love going round the town I live in with friends and family and spending money in the variety of charity shops we have as it’s like a treasure hunt as you can and do find some amazing items such as one day I went into a charity shop with my sister and family members and got two signed books that were brand new and were released recently at the time and they were books I really wanted and they were an absolute bargain at £2 . Two pounds for 2 brand new recently released books and they were both signed . I love a bargain and to me charity shops are great because you are giving back to charity. I decided that looking back on these comments from my fellow peers they were immature and did not wish to understand.

So a tip from me to you is that you should spend money in charity shops as they are amazing and visit them as they are helping a good cause and honestly you can get amazing stuff in them . I love visiting charity shops which are close to my heart such as MIND , which is a mental heath charity which help young people and provide counselling services etc.

Another charity that is close to my heart is cancer research U.K. because I have spoken about this a few times that I have had close family members that have survived from a few variety of types of cancer but unfortunately some family and friends have not been so lucky and I want to see them find a cure in my lifetime .

Also a charity which is so close to my heart is autism Sussex as I have previously used some of their services such as youth groups, trips and they provide residentials ( not that I ever went on them as my anxiety did not allow me and I couldn’t go places without family or close close friends and wasn’t comfortable going with them) but autism Sussex is very close to my heart.

So remember to not avoid charity shops go visit them they are amazing and give back to charity.

Thanks for reading,


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