Upon reflection

Hi readers of my blog,

So I am writing this blog today about reflection and why it is important to reflect on your life and how you live it and who you have in your life and why I have spend some time reflecting on my life and who is in my life.

So as you may know I am coming close to finishing my final year of education and I feel that NOW is the perfect time to make changes to my life and so I have been reflecting on the good and the bad things in my life and what changes I feel I need to make. I hate changes but unfortunately in life there has to be changes and people come and go unless they are true friends. Well I have touched upon this on my YouTube channel but never on here so here goes….

So upon reflection, I have been thinking about my time management and there just isn’t enough time in the day to be able to revise for my A level exams, spend time with family and making sure they don’t feel I am abandoning them, spending time YouTubing and blogging ( I know I have deserted blogging but it’s easier now as I can do it all from my phone as there’s an app which I didn’t realise, so you can expect my blog from me) and spending time with my best friends so I can relax and there needs to be a balance. I am also learning to drive ( although I have not had a lesson for 3 weeks due to instructor being on holiday) and I am due to be doing my grade 3 singing exam in the next two weeks so this is all exciting but …..

I have had to make some important decisions and ask myself some questions( obviously not out loud I’m not that mad) and I have decided to let go of a few friendships that I do not feel are on the same level as me and that I kinda dread to talk to or that the conversation is always the same and I also feel that the friendship in question has been over for a long time but they have always had a way of making it so I feel bad for them when I try and end it but now is the time I need to do it as I feel my family and friends are losing out and I want to be able to give my true friends my time as I need to manage my time better.

Some of you may be thinking why are you telling us this …..well , I will tell you why because i feel it’s important to make sure you have positive people and people you want in your life who bring out the real you and that you don’t have to pretend around or be fake around because ask yourself this isn’t it better to be the real you instead of a false/ fake version of yourself. I want to be able to give my friends my time and be there for them when they have problems and I know that they would do the same for me. Remember you only have one life make it count

Hope you enjoyed this. I will see you very soon xx

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R x


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