5 facts about me


It’s Me Rachel and i am the owner of this blog and i am so sorry that i have not posted on my blog for a while but that is all gonna change.

Fun fact about me is that i am also a youtuber and my channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpCQB93NoFG_MxkWPIJx2NQ?.

So i thought i would do a 10 facts about me today so you can find more out about me.

So The first fact is that i have always enjoyed singing and i am currently revising for my Grade 3 singing Exam which i am doing Pop Vocals.I have a fabulous singing Coach called Lesley who has made me a lot more confident in my abilities and i have achieved and learnt so much already.

The second fact is that i am also a youtuber with 205 subscribers currently and have been uploading for around a year and a half now but i have found it very helpful and i love it and i love reading the fabulous comments that are left on my videos and i thoroughly enjoy collaborating with my friends and i love connecting with fellow youtubers and speaking to them.I have grown in confidence since starting youtube. I love making the videos i have made as i only upload content that i am happy with and i created videos i am so proud of which include the videos i have made with my bestie, the amazing Dale Adams(Yes you are correct in thinking that i have done an interview with Dale Adams and i definitely think you should give it a read https://rachelbblogger.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/interview-with-dale-adam/)

The third fact is that i am currently in my final year of College and i am studying travel and tourism which i have learnt so much about and it covers a variety of topics including customer service,Event Management and lots of other wonderful topics. I have enjoyed my event management side of the course. The teachers of my courses at college are so supportive and always there to talk to about any work that i need help with.

The Fourth fact is that i have 3 siblings which is one sister and two brothers.

The fifth and final fact is that i enjoy watching musicals and some of the shows i have seen are Mamma Mia at the west end, Wicked at the west end,Joesph ( Multiple times with Joe Mcelderry in the show) which was an amazing show and many other. Some of my best memories are going to the theatre with Family. I have seen a variety of genred musicals and shows both Amateur performances and Professional shows.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me and i am going to be uploading more regularly

R xx


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